Praktikant MSc Management financier et Organisationnel, Spécialité Direction et Ingénierie financière EUROMED MANAGEMENT Marseille auf

Stage à l'étranger au sein du service financier.

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13002 Marseille

Vorbereitete Berufe : Contrôle de gestion, Directeur administratif et financier, project manager, analyste financier, chargé de communication


Schule: EUROMED MANAGEMENT 13288 Marseille

Studiengang : MSc Management financier et Organisationnel, Spécialité Direction et Ingénierie financière Erste Jahr
MSc Management financier et Organisationnel, Spécialité Direction et Ingénierie financière
Höchste abgeschlossene Studium mit einem Diplom : Abitur+3
Letzte Diplom : Licence en Gestion - Economie appliquée
Aktuelle Studiumsniveau : Abitur+4
Vorbereitete Berufe : Contrôle de gestion, Directeur administratif et financier, project manager, analyste financier, chargé de communication

Dauer des Praktikums : 6 mois
Anfang des Praktikums :
2013-04-08 2013-10-01
Vollzeit Ja
duale Berufsausbildung Ja
Beweglichkeit darum Ihrem Wohnort : Non


Tool / Softwares / Methoden : Pack office, Project Manager, VBA, Analyses financières, Management de projet, Mathématiques financières, Audit, Marketing, Communication, Stratégie, RH

Leichte Fahrzeug, Lkw, spezielle Fahrzeuge : Permis B. Possède un véhicule.

Sprachen :
Französisch : Muttersprache
Englisch : Fließend
Arabisch : Fortgeschrittener
Spanisch : Intermediär
Chinesisch : Anfänger


Dear Sir,

I am currently studying a Master of
Science in Financial management and organizational specializing in financial
engineering at Euromed Marseille Business School.

This strong interdisciplinary
training allows the future financial to be able to meet the daily challenges of
modern finance. The emphasis is on pure finance, but also on the strategic and organizational,
the foreign languages and the management techniques necessary for the competitiveness
of companies.

That is why I would like to offer my
candidature for an abroad internship as "assistant Chief Financial
Officer" or as “assistant account manager” in your company for a period of
3 to 6 months and this from April 15th, 2013. I am of course open to a proposal
of a different nature that you may submit to me. More, my desire to work on
international projects has increased through my personal experiences. Thus be
assigned to one of your abroad locations would allow me to fulfill my
professional project.

With an experience of 4 years in
banking, I am familiar with the various tools and financial products. In addition,
an internship in a company such as yours would be a way to give a real boost to
my international career plan. Voluntary and dynamic, my desire to learn
translates into a high availability for my employees. My autonomy and my
adaptability, undoubtedly facilitate my integration into the team. In addition,
I had the opportunity to identify your company and be assured they are in
perfect harmony with my personal values.

I hope my application will receive
your attention and I am of course at your disposal to provide you with further

Yours faithfully.


and Qualifications

Euromed Business School – Marseille, France

of Science/Financial and Organizational Program

Financial Engineering specialty, 2012

Paul Cézanne university –
Marseille, France

Third year Degree of University in Applied Economics and Management
, 2009

Saint-Charles High school
of Marseille.

High school degree

Professional experience

Expatriation – studies in USA / March
2011 – 1 year

Morganville, New Jersey, USA

Introduction to the French culture in English
/ French teaching / Family support

Study of American fashion through the
decades and TOEFL preparation classes

Assistant store
manager – Etam Lingerie/December 2010 – 3 months ; February 2008 – 15 months

Part-time student employment

Marseille, France

Inventory management in collaboration
with the manager / Cash management

Coordination and implementation of store

Participation in planning and
recruitment activities.

Manage a team / Achievement the
objectives of the direction

Private counsellor in financial affairs in bank –
Caisse d’Epargne Provence-Alpes-Corse

October 2010 – 2 months ; Summers 2007 – 2010

Marseille, France

Application of the advisory role

In charge of the financial products
sales such as bank packages, savings account, life insurance

and investment

Banking software using / Bank loans

Ensure the application of the policies
and safety procedures on the bank safes management

Internship «Assistant groups service » in a
travel agency /Tourisme et Loisirs

April 2010 – 3 months

Marseille, France

Prospecting for new business committees / Management monitoring committees

Distribution and treatment of the
satisfaction surveys

Arranging and conducting of meetings toward
the clients

Best service providers seeking / Sales
and trades

Financial diagnostic.
Mathematics and
financial technicals .
and human relashionships.
Project management.

Capital budgeting.



English (fluent)

Arabic (spoken and understood)

Spanish (understood)

Mandarin (notions) Others


Customer service

Pack Office, Project manager, VBA
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(33600 PESSAC Fr )

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